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Year of the Goat

It all began in 2015.  The Chinese Zodiac called it the Year of the Goat, a celebration of promise and prosperity.  Mankind instead encountered an evil like never before.  Goats from all corners of the world suddenly rose up and destroyed most of the human race.  As the battle ended, a man with strange powers led the few survivors to the promise land, while the goat leader El Diablo led his devilish followers to Sin City. 

Year of the Goat: Pestilence

Ten years after the original Year of the Goat series, Pestilence takes place in the Kingdom of Las Vegas.  Young Pan Marduck struggles to survive in El Diablo’s Kingdom.  As he searches for his place in the world, an unfortunate chain of events will lead him to his destiny.  

Today sucked.  Pan nearly survives a botched bank robbery, is run over by a squad car and endures an aggressive interrogation by two corrupt detectives, only to receive 1000 hours community service in the Zoo of Las Vegas.  The zoo has a new exhibit...the kingdom’s first human on display.  When Pan comes face to face with this rare creature, his life will never be the same. 


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